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192.168.l.0 IP address is utilized to distinguish network fragment of IP addresses. For instance 192.168.l.0/24 distinguishes subnetwork where gadgets could have addresses from to This subnetwork likewise incorporates addresses like 192.168.l.0 and however is utilized as network identifier and couldn’t be utilized by a gadget. Also, is utilized s a communicate (address which is utilized when some gadget needs to send network parcel to whole subnetwork). In this manner you have 254 free IP addresses accessible for your gadgets and a router.

In 192.168.l.0/24 documentation, 24 implies that 24 bits of the IP address are settled and the rest of the 8 bits of IP address could be utilized to produce addresses on subnetwork.

To characterize network with littler measure of gadgets you have to utilize a number greater than 24. For instance 192.168.l.0/25 could be utilized to characterize a subnetwork where gadgets could utilize addresses from to For this situation is held for network idenitification and will be communicate address. In this network design there will 127 exceptional IP addresses accessible for your gadgets and a router.

Directing Tables

192.168.l.0 could be often utilized as a part of directing tables to empower correspondence between various piece of networks. For instance on the off chance that you have two networks which utilize and as a network address ranges you should add IP address to a steering table to empower correspondence between them. See case on a screenshot underneath.

If you don’t mind take note of that you can’t utilize as a static IP address for any gadget and such task will fall flat or cause interruptions in your network since none of gadgets in territory will work.

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